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Life-saving misconceptions about Indian diabetes
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Dr. Ayush Awasthi, a renowned Indian endocrinologist, is widely recognized as the country's top expert in diabetes treatment. Esteemed individuals suffering from diabetes seek his expertise, with many making special efforts to consult with him. His reputation extends internationally, attracting patients from America, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, and beyond. As one of the leading endocrinologists in India, Dr. Awasthi has contributed significantly to the field, authoring 32 scientific books and having a prolific presence in journals with three times more publications than average

Dr. Ayush Awasthi, who seldom participates in interviews, consented to respond to inquiries from our reporter. The interview includes crucial advice for combating diabetes.

Dr. Ayush Awasthi fully agrees that type-2 diabetes is often manageable using contemporary medical understanding.

The interview addresses the following topics:

  • Key factors in diabetes treatment: What are they?
  • Why do 95% of patients struggle to manage their diabetes?
  • Under what circumstances can diabetes be completely cured?
  • What contemporary approaches exist for tackling diabetes?

Metformin is not what you need!

Dr. Ayush Awasthi Criticizes Metformin-Based Diabetes Treatments:

Dr. Ayush Awasthi challenges the prevalent reliance on metformin in diabetes management, labeling it a misconception held by uninformed patients and physicians. He asserts that metformin leads not to health, but to illness and premature mortality. He advises caution against doctors who incorporate metformin-based medications, such as Bagomet, Vero-metformin, Glycomet, Glycon, Gliminfor, Glyformin, Glucofa, Glucophagus, Glucophage Long, Dianormet, Diaformin, Langerin, Metadion, Metformin, Metfogamma, and Novoformin, into type 2 diabetes treatments.

According to Dr. Awasthi, these medications excessively elevate insulin levels in the blood, leading to significant thickening. The overload of insulin, he claims, severely damages vital organs like the liver and kidneys. He compares the effect of insulin to stomach acid, both in consistency and action, suggesting that excessive insulin can have a corrosive effect similar to acid flooding internal organs.

Furthermore, Dr. Awasthi links heightened insulin levels to abnormal cell division, potentially leading to cancer. He cites statistics indicating that 28% of diabetic patients develop cancer, implicating the role of insulin in this context.

Furthermore, excessive insulin levels contribute to rapid cholesterol buildup in blood vessels, as the insulin impedes the circulation of thickened blood. This results in cholesterol-clogged blood vessels, leading to increased blood pressure. It's noted that 98% of diabetic patients experience hypertension, along with various other cardiovascular issues.

The side effects associated with metformin treatment include:

  • Gastrointestinal issues, commonly diarrhea, upset stomach, acid reflux, and stomach ulcers.
  • Elevated blood pressure, often characterized by evening hypertension, headaches, ear ringing, and episodes of anxiety.
  • Liver cirrhosis, where the liver turns into connective tissue, losing its ability to purify blood, leading to the accumulation of toxins in the body.
  • Kidney stones, formed due to excessive excretion of salts and sugars. Cancer-related illnesses.
  • cEarly mortality due to damaged blood vessels.
  • Blindness

The development of these health issues is influenced by the dosage and duration of medication use, as well as individual physiological differences. However, it's difficult to fully eliminate these complications.

Questioning the Use of Metformin:

Dr. Ayush Awasthi expresses concern that many doctors today are not prioritizing patient health, focusing instead on routine tasks and compensation. This lack of concern for patient well-being leads to the prescription of standard medications recommended by authorities or ministries, often based on metformin, due to the high profit margins associated with their sale. While these drugs may have a temporary effect, the long-term consequences are often overlooked.

He emphasizes that the continuous use of such medication, without awareness of its long-term effects, is a grave issue. Labeling the treatment of diabetes with potent chemicals as a crime, he asserts that type 2 diabetes is indeed curable, provided the right treatment approach is chosen.

Dr. Ayush Awasthi's Observations:

Dr. Awasthi often encounters patients who have been on metformin for years, observing their premature aging and deteriorating health. He notes that type 2 diabetes is frequently diagnosed incidentally during routine tests, catching patients by surprise as they were previously asymptomatic. Following this unexpected diagnosis, they are typically prescribed increased doses of metformin.

Taking these medications initially lowers blood sugar levels, but over time, the patient's health starts to decline. Symptoms such as constant fatigue, obesity, elevated blood pressure, and headaches emerge. Swelling appears in the feet and on the face, particularly in the mornings. There's a ringing in the ears, numbness in the fingers, and a sensation of coldness at their tips. Vision weakens, and memory suffers.

Doctors often attribute these symptoms to diabetes, but in reality, they are caused by insulin – more specifically, by metformin, which abnormally increases hormone production.

LThe dilemma faced by many is whether to treat diabetes with metformin or not treat it at all. Despite the reluctance to undergo treatment, if faced with the choice, most would opt for the former. Untreated type-2 diabetes can be fatal, though it presents with different symptoms compared to those arising from metformin treatment

Complications in Vessels and Organs Due to Diabetes:

Visualize cherries or raspberries coated in sugar. A similar process occurs in the blood vessels of a person with diabetes. The vessel walls become saturated with sugar, causing them to lose their elasticity and become brittle. This leads to the destruction of small vessels first, followed by medium and then large vessels. These vessels supply blood to internal organs, and their deterioration results in reduced blood flow, causing long-term diseases.

The Internal Impact of Diabetes:

1. Vision Loss: Diabetes often leads to irreversible blindness. The damage caused to vision by diabetes, including retinal detachment due to multiple hemorrhages, cannot be corrected even with laser treatments.

2. Kidney Dysfunction: The kidneys suffer as sugar accumulates, clogging the ureters and creating a sweet environment. This sugar preservation effect slowly leads to kidney death and the onset of kidney failure, which can result in total kidney destruction.

3. Joint Stiffness: Joints rely on synovial fluid for mobility. When blood vessels can no longer nourish the joints, the production of this fluid ceases. Joints start to dry out and deteriorate, causing severe pain that even painkillers cannot alleviate. Eventually, joints can become completely immobile, stripping a person of their ability to move independently

4. The Nervous System's Decline in Diabetes:

Similarly affected by excess sugar, the nervous system in diabetics deteriorates over time. This often leads to the development of psychiatric conditions. Patients become emotionally unstable, frequently experiencing depression and a pervasive sense of malaise. They may feel an overwhelming desire to lie down, sleep, and even thoughts of death.

5. Skin Deterioration in Diabetes:

The skin's condition worsens, beginning with extreme dryness, followed by scratching, eczema, and eventually ulcers. Along with the skin, muscles and bones start deteriorating, emitting an unpleasant odor. This progression can culminate in gangrene. Diabetes, therefore, stands as a tremendously hazardous condition – arguably one of the most dangerous. The plight of those suffering from diabetes deeply affects me. While I strive to assist them, ultimately, their recovery largely depends on their own actions.

Addressing Diabetes Treatment Without Metformin:

Consider a typical retired individual who starts showing signs of diabetes as they age, with their blood sugar levels rising continuously. Suppose this person takes metformin but experiences adverse effects. What alternatives do they have for treating diabetes? Can they find a way to heal themselves?

It's crucial to remember that type-2 diabetes is not a minor ailment like a cold or diarrhea; it's a complex, severe, and systemic disease that affects the entire body. Therefore, treatment should also be holistic, addressing the entire body rather than just focusing on raising insulin levels, which can be harmful. Diabetes treatment should be all-encompassing, utilizing medications that not only lower blood sugar but also safeguard the body as a whole.

TFor those seeking to manage diabetes independently, I'd suggest exploring options like Insulux. Developed in 2015 at this famous Indian Institute, Insulux is not a chemical-based solution like metformin. Instead, it's a natural antidiabetic complex composed of over 60 different active components.

Insulux contains a comprehensive mix of essential vitamins, macro, and micronutrients needed for type 2 diabetes management. It includes 28 herbal extracts sourced from various global locations.

The advantage of Insulux is its safety; it doesn't harm the body but rather supports the health of diabetic patients. Most importantly, it addresses the disease comprehensively and positively impacts various aspects of diabetes.

With 60 Active Components, Insulux Stands Unparalleled. No other product globally can claim such an extensive and rich formulation.

The results of Insulux have been nothing short of remarkable! Once we began recommending it to our patients, the rate of full recovery from diabetes surged dramatically. An astounding 96% of our patients, which translates to 96 out of every 100, have effectively eliminated the disease. Their blood sugar levels are normalized, and their overall health has significantly improved.

Sharing a Genuine Experience of Diabetes Treatment I'd like to share with you a heartfelt letter from Saraswati Batra, a retired lady from India. She wasn't treated at our clinic physically, as she was too unwell to visit. However, I provided her guidance on Insulux through phone consultations.

Eventually, she made a complete recovery.

Here is her letter, detailing her experience.

Why Aren't More Doctors Recommending Insulux, A Miracle Solution? My battle with diabetes has been long and arduous, stretching over 18 years. Starting at 49, I began experiencing severe issues with my eyes and kidneys, which eventually ceased functioning. My body emitted an acetone odor so strong that my daughter couldn't bear to be near me. Complications like foot ulcers and the blackening of my fingertips indicated I was nearing death's door. The doctors had given up, saying my time was limited.

Despite having lived a fulfilling life, I wasn't ready to die. Even in moments of despair, when I wished for death, I didn't truly want to end my life. I had heard of your clinic's success in treating diabetes, yet skepticism held me back, as everyone said a cure was impossible. My hesitancy changed after seeing you on television, prompting me to call.

Your recommendation of Insulux and its prompt dispatch have been a lifeline. Four months into taking it, and I'm still here, much to the doctors' surprise, who now say I have more time. My sugar levels have normalized, and I feel it too. For a decade, I hadn't felt as healthy and liberated from diabetes as I do now. My sleep has improved, the excessive thirst, frequent urination, constant fatigue, and weakness have all subsided. Even my blood pressure has stabilized. I'm beginning to look and feel better. While my treatment continues, I'm optimistic about overcoming this. Immense gratitude to Insulux.

Discussing the Timeline for Diabetes Treatment with Insulux:

Truthfully, treating diabetes with Insulux is not an overnight process. It requires a significant amount of time, often spanning several months, and in some cases, it might take up to six months.

Patients must be ready for a lengthy treatment period. However, the reward is that after completing the treatment, there's no further need for Insulux, and patients can return to a healthy, normal life, much like before their diabetes diagnosis.

Insulux is effective for everyone, including older individuals with weakened immune systems.

The Insulux course should be followed as prescribed. Typically, it involves taking the medication for two weeks, then pausing for 4-5 days before resuming the course. I will provide detailed instructions on how to properly take it. Revitalizing Blood Vessels:

Insulux's primary function extends beyond merely reducing blood sugar; it also normalizes glucose levels. Thanks to ingredients like Ginkgo biloba, Insulux helps dissolve sugar accumulated in the vessel walls. This liberation enables the blood vessel walls to regain their ability to contract and expand, which aids in dissolving clots and cleansing the vessels. As a result, small capillaries are rejuvenated. Consequently, patients experience a halt in rising blood pressure, an end to weakness and drowsiness, quicker healing of bruises and wounds, and an overall increase in energy. This boost in vitality often inspires people to engage more in household and gardening activities.

Glucose Level Regulation with Insulux:

Insulux works uniquely as it doesn't raise insulin levels, thereby avoiding harm. Its primary benefit lies in reducing insulin resistance, a remarkable feature. The biologically active components in Insulux infiltrate and recalibrate the balance within muscle, fat, and liver cells, enhancing their responsiveness to the hormones in the blood. This process, known in medical terms as 'secondary cell formation,' gradually leads cells to more actively utilize glucose, thereby decreasing its excess presence in the blood. This method is the safest for the body's glucose usage.

Patients typically notice an overall improvement in their daily well-being, including post-meal times. Thirst, eczema, rashes, genital itching, and frequent urination are significantly reduced. On a clinical level, there is a decrease in glycated hemoglobin levels and a reduction in sugar and acetone in the urine.

Combatting Excess Weight:

Excess weight amplifies the challenges for diabetic patients by approximately 45 times. Hence, weight loss is another crucial function of Insulux. This effect is achieved through two mechanisms. First, cells begin to efficiently process sugar, converting it into energy. Secondly, Insulux contains a potent extract of Tribulus Terrestris, an exceptionally powerful natural fat-burner. A weight loss of around 10 kg can halve the risk of severe diabetic complications.

Additional Benefits of Insulux

A common issue among diabetic patients is a lack of physical strength. Remarkably, Insulux helps in enhancing testosterone levels, thereby revitalizing healthy masculine vigor. This allows men, even in their 50s and 60s, to maintain sexual vitality.

Enhancement of Skin, Bone, and Muscle Health:

Insulux also aids in the recovery of damaged skin. It promotes the healing of ulcers and stops the progression of skin decay, leading to healthier, drier skin. Similarly, it contributes to the restoration of bone health, strengthening them and reversing previous weakening. Overall tissue regeneration is supported, leading to increased muscle elasticity.

Cascading Health Benefits for Diabetic Patients with Insulux:

Insulux's impact on diabetic patients can be likened to the 'butterfly effect'. Just as the fluttering of a butterfly's wings can set off a series of events, Insulux initiates a healing cascade within the body. It enhances everything from blood vessel functionality to eyesight and joint health.

Energized Mornings:

With Insulux, mornings become easier. You can wake up and effortlessly rise from bed without the need to stretch stiff limbs, massage numb feet, or soothe aching backs and necks. Your body feels energized and strong right from the start of the day.

Overall Well-Being and Mood Enhancement:

This newfound energy extends throughout the day. Sleep improves, becoming peaceful and restorative, contributing to a youthful feeling. The frequent nighttime bathroom visits cease, and discomforts like pain or itching are alleviated.

delicious breakfast

You start adding different types of food to the food list, you no longer need a strict diet. You get to taste the dishes that you remember now. No need for a low carbohydrate diet anymore. Enjoy the taste of your favorite food!

Enjoyment of a Varied Diet:

Insulux enables a return to dietary diversity. You can reintroduce various foods into your meals, savoring flavors you've missed. The strict low-carbohydrate diet becomes a thing of the past, allowing you to relish your favorite dishes once again.

Significant Vitality Boost

With Insulux, mobility concerns become a thing of the past. You can venture outdoors without worrying about foot fatigue or swelling. Even after a whole day of activity, your feet won’t tire or swell, leaving no uncomfortable imprints from sandals, shoes, or socks.

Profound Tranquility

You’ll experience a newfound sense of calm and relaxation. The constant, distracting pain that once dominated your thoughts will disappear, allowing you to appreciate the world around you more fully. Freed from pain, you become more aware of the various sights, sounds, and scents that you may have overlooked for a long time.

Improved Vision

Even severely impaired vision begins to improve gradually. You'll start noticing things that were previously invisible to you, like being able to read bus numbers from a distance or relish the beauty of nature once again.

Extended, Quality Life

Most importantly, Insulux can contribute to a longer, healthier life. Even in your later years, you can remain vigorous and self-sufficient, reducing the need for care from loved ones.

The Challenge of Acquiring Insulux in Indian Pharmacies Insulux is notoriously hard to find in Indian drugstores, often being in short supply. Given this scarcity, what would be your recommendations for Indian patients with diabetes seeking Insulux?

Yes, it's true! Insulux is manufactured in limited quantities, which is why it often doesn't make it to the regular pharmacies. A significant portion is unfortunately exported, while private clinics purchase another substantial part.

However, I have encouraging news for the readers of your magazine. In collaboration with my colleagues, I have decided to offer Insulux at the lowest possible cost to your readers. We will arrange for these Insulux packages to be delivered directly to people's homes across India via post.

Let me outline the conditions for ordering :Insulux.

  • Residency Requirement: You must be located in India. We do not ship Insulux internationally.
  • Personal Use Only: Insulux is intended for personal use. We urge people not to resell these at a profit. Profiteering from patients is unethical! Each shipment of Insulux will be sufficient for the treatment of one person, or two if multiple family members have diabetes.

Seize this opportunity quickly, before the news spreads to a wider audience!

Regrettably, we don't have enough Insulux to cater to all diabetics in India. Consequently, we've made the decision to provide it exclusively to those who submit their request on our website before others do. For anyone seeking to treat diabetes using this exceptional complex, I advise you to submit your request promptly as soon as it becomes available.

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