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Breakthrough Discovery! Expert Sunita Unveils a Method to Alleviate Diabetes Symptoms!

Sunita, renowned as India's leading expert, has discovered an effective method to diminish diabetes and permanently normalize blood sugar levels. Remarkably, this can be achieved from the comfort of one's home!

Deepika Rawat . Senior Writer

. 7 minutes

There was an interesting case at a medical congress held in India this year. All the participants gave a standing ovation to the Indian scientist, Expert Sunita already ten minutes after the beginning of his speech. He proposed a unique formula to reduce diabetes which works at home and any age.

Expert Sunita is the author of this innovative idea and the leader of the working group of the leading Indian specialists who took part in its realization. At the same time, all key research and production of this supplement must take place. Already now, the product has passed all clinical trials, it is produced, and it gives excellent results in just 14 applications!

How can this new product help to reduce diabetes for millions of people around the world? In the following article, you will find out the answer to this and other questions together with Expert Sunita and host Dipika Rawat

Deepika: "Expert Sunita, regarded as one of the top experts globally, what inspired you to create this product?"

Deepika: "Expert Sunita, could you share what motivated you to develop this medication?"

Expert Sunita: My journey began quite some time ago when I was actively practicing. One day, my mother approached me with a complaint.

My mother once came to me concerned about her high blood sugar levels. She had visited an endocrinologist who diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes and prescribed several medications, including insulin. Despite this, her health continued to decline, and none of the treatments seemed to help. I felt compelled to intervene, so I took her to a renowned endocrinologist I knew personally. He was one of the best in our city, and normally, it would have taken months to secure an appointment with him. During the visit, he confirmed my mother's diagnosis and prescribed a range of expensive, potent medications that needed to be taken multiple times a day. Unfortunately, these medications made her feel awful. It was heart-wrenching to see her suffer; she gained a lot of weight, became less active, and started to experience common diabetic complications. Her vision worsened due to the weight gain, her joints began to ache, and eventually, she was diagnosed with renal failure. The vibrant, active woman I once knew was gradually fading away, month by month.

This experience with my mother led me to delve deeply into the complexities of diabetes. It's a well-known fact that diabetes is a challenging disease to manage, and the medications available in pharmacies typically only maintain a patient's condition, not cure it. What I hadn't fully realized was the extent to which diabetic patients become dependent on their medication, akin to drug addiction. Living 'from dose to dose' of insulin becomes a way of life, with constant injections and the ever-present fear of forgetting your medication on a trip or running out of it. I dedicated the last few years to researching this issue, and it has been fruitful. One day, it dawned on me that I was on the verge of a breakthrough in addressing diabetes.

Expert Sunita: "My mother's disability was a direct result of her diabetes."

Deepika: "Expert Sunita, can you share your experience during the development of this formula?"

Expert Sunita: "A crucial aspect of developing the formula was assembling our research team. We now have more than 30 leading specialists from India. Each member is an expert in their respective field, including top laboratory technicians, endocrinologists, and therapists. Their combined expertise, under my direction, enabled us to create a unique product. This product not only offers a comprehensive approach to combating diabetes but is also completely safe for those who use it.

Expert Sunita: "I turned down an offer of 120,000 euros!"

Expert Sunita: "Ever since I started publishing articles about my diabetes reduction method, I've been inundated with offers to buy my invention. One of the offers was for 120,000 euros, and American pharmaceutical companies proposed even higher sums. To escape the relentless offers, I had to change my phone number and disconnect from social media."

Deepika: "Expert Sunita, am I correct in understanding that you chose not to sell the formula?"

Expert Sunita: "Absolutely, I didn't. My intention in creating this formula was not to profit multinational pharmaceutical corporations. Had I sold it, can you imagine the price at which they might have marketed the product? An overseas doctor estimated it could cost at least 5000 RS per unit. But realistically, how many people could afford such an expensive treatment?
My primary objective is to ensure that even individuals with limited financial means can access this diabetes-reducing product without needing any other medications. Therefore, when I was approached with a proposal to assist in the production of the product, I accepted without hesitation. Collaborating with experts at the renowned Research Institute of India, we concluded our research and the product is now available.

"What makes your formula so significant, and why is it important that it reaches a wide audience?

Deepika: "Can you elaborate on the importance of your formula?"

Deepika: Expert Sunita: "Do you know the projected number of deaths due to diabetes complications in 2023? Last year, about 100,000 people died in India, and over 30% of these deaths were caused by diabetes complications. Diabetes wreaks havoc on the body in many ways, and even when managed with conventional drugstore treatments, the complications can be severe. Let's consider a few:

● Weight gain is inevitable, regardless of diet or exercise. The body's malfunctioning due to diabetes affects all systems, potentially leading to a weight increase of up to 50% of your current weight.

● In 80% of cases, This leads to complete blindness. Retinal detachment makes it impossible to regain vision. Neither surgery nor laser correction will help. Most often a person becomes helpless and completely dependent on others.

● In 80% of cases, diabetes leads to complete blindness. This is often due to retinal detachment, which is irreversible. Neither surgery nor laser treatment can restore vision, leaving many completely dependent on others

● Diabetes significantly increases the risk of hypertension due to damage in joint vessels. High blood pressure can lead to the formation of cholesterol plaques and blood clots, which, if dislodged, may travel to the pulmonary artery. This can result in thromboembolism, often fatal within 10 to 15 minutes. Alarmingly, 98% of diabetics suffer from high blood pressure.

● Chronic kidney failure is another common complication of diabetes. In many cases, the kidneys fail completely, necessitating an urgent transplant to prevent death.

● Perhaps the most distressing outcome of advanced diabetes is gangrene. Affected limbs turn black and emit a foul odor, typically leading to amputation.

Expert Sunita: "It's time for people to be freed from the suffering caused by diabetes."

The effectiveness of my formula is deeply rooted in understanding our body's structure and the origins of diabetes. Firstly, it's important to recognize that diabetes can affect anyone at any age, and those with a family history of diabetes are particularly at risk. The recognized causes of diabetes include a genetic predisposition, meaning a family history of the condition; chronic therapy, where constant medication impairs pancreatic function leading to diabetes; an unhealthy diet; excess weight; a sedentary lifestyle; and, of course, stress. As evident, the causes of diabetes are numerous and varied, putting a wide range of people across different age groups at risk.

This formula initiates a groundbreaking process of pancreatic restoration by regulating blood flow to it, a feat previously thought to be impossible. Doctors had not envisioned the possibility of kick-starting pancreatic regeneration. With improved blood flow and the commencement of regeneration, blood glucose levels start to normalize. Consequently, this leads to a reduction in the body's sugar levels, cleansing of the vessels, and rejuvenation of small capillaries. These effects collectively contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, alleviation of weakness and drowsiness, and enhanced healing of wounds and cuts.

Another crucial benefit of the medication is its ability to reduce insulin resistance. The biologically active ingredients effectively penetrate the muscles, tissues, and liver cells, enhancing their response to hormones present in the blood.

In the study, this phenomenon is referred to as 'secondary cell formation.' As a result, cells gradually become more efficient at utilizing glucose, which leads to a decrease in blood glucose levels. Patients can feel these changes almost instantly: the intense thirst subsides, vision starts to clear up, skin rashes along with burning and itching sensations diminish, and urination becomes regular. Additionally, there's a noticeable decrease in glycated hemoglobin, as well as reduced levels of sugar and acetone in the urine.

You'll begin to see the initial improvements within just 5-7 days of starting the treatment. The complete course duration ranges from 14 to 21 days, depending on the individual's starting condition...

Deepika: "But it's commonly said that once the body is impacted by diabetes and its subsequent complications, ongoing treatment is necessary to maintain a person's health at an acceptable level.

Expert Riya: Diabetes Relief is Possible!

Expert Sunita: The belief that diabetes requires lifelong treatment is a myth perpetuated by large pharmaceutical companies for profit. It's entirely possible to support any bodily system by reducing inflammation, enhancing blood circulation, and accelerating the removal of dead cells and toxins.

My own mother, who was in a critical condition for a long time, began using our product and experienced a complete recovery. It's as if she has been reborn! Her weight normalized, her vision improved, her joints healed, and most crucially, her blood sugar levels returned to normal. Her transformation took just a few months, and you can't imagine her joy at being diabetes-free!

In a trial group of 150 individuals who first tried our diabetes reduction product, each participant, regardless of their condition's severity, achieved complete recovery. It's disheartening to see people in our country struggling with diabetes for years, often because they lack access to effective treatment options.

Deepika: "Expert Sunita, how does this product work to reduce diabetes? There are many treatments available in pharmacies."

Expert Sunita: "Pharmacies do offer a variety of treatments, both prescription and over-the-counter, but these often fail to address the root cause. Our research indicates that these products mainly provide symptomatic relief without truly combating diabetes. They tend to just disguise high sugar levels. Moreover, they can cause significant harm to the liver and stomach. Consequently, people end up repeatedly purchasing them to alleviate symptoms, until it's too late.

Deepika: "So, does your new product actually work to reduce diabetes?"

Expert Sunita:The primary goal of our product is to rejuvenate the pancreas's functioning. A single course is sufficient to initiate the pancreas's recovery process, which is the core principle of our treatment.

Our method is unconventional. We haven't replicated any existing products or formulas. Instead, our product is a novel blend of highly concentrated herbal extracts, making it both effective and safe for human use.

You'll begin to notice improvements within the first 5-7 days. However, it's crucial to complete the entire course to ensure continued progress. Our product, D-Care capsule, stands out as its ingredients specifically benefit the tiny blood vessels in the eye.

D-Care capsule is composed of around 50 beneficial substances that aid blood vessels and skin, including essential macro- and micronutrients.

Deepika: Expert Sunita, is there a plan to distribute the product in pharmacies, and what would be its price?"

Expert Sunita: "You might be aware that when a significant breakthrough occurs, pharmacies often look to capitalize on it. Initially, they approached me to purchase the formula, but their intention wasn't to commence production; rather, they aimed to prevent its mass production. Ineffective treatments constitute a significant portion of the pharmaceutical market, and our product is set to disrupt that.

Our D-Care capsule course, lasting 14 to 21 days, promises complete relief from diabetes.

Pharmacies, typically allied with pharmaceutical companies, are not inclined to promote our product. Despite this, it remains the only product capable of initiating the pancreatic recovery process.

Deepika: "Expert Sunita, if the product isn’t available in pharmacies, how can individuals obtain it?

"What if the product is not in pharmacy?

Our product is available exclusively through our official website. By bypassing pharmacy chain commissions, we manage to maintain relatively low prices. Additionally, we run advertising campaigns on major news and entertainment platforms in India to raise awareness about our product.

To address the diabetes issue in India comprehensively, we initiated the 'India without Diabetes' social project, with financial and informational backing from India's Ministry of Health. This support enables us to offer 1000 packages of D-Care capsule at a discount of 300.

However, due to the limited availability of our product under the 'India without Diabetes' state program, the deadline to avail of this offer is today. To participate, you need to click 'spin' to determine your discount amount, then fill in your contact details in the provided form. Our specialists will subsequently contact you to create a personalized plan

Delivery of the product is conveniently arranged through an express courier service, ensuring direct shipment to any location within India.

This special offer is part of the 'India without Diabetes' program, specifically designed for residents of India

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I'm immensely grateful for your generosity. Initially, I attempted to purchase D-Care capsule from a different clinic and was shocked by the price, which was tenfold higher. Luckily, a friend directed me to this article. I placed my order through this site and received prompt delivery. The results are already becoming apparent!



I agree with what the doctor said. The people behind Metformin are really very evil, they poison people to make money. I drank for 7 years but nothing happened. My blood sugar remained high, and it got worse! Thank you for finding D-Care capsule. It is exactly the opposite. It is made of natural ingredients that really improve your condition compared to others that contain dangerous chemicals. Brothers, I recommend D-Care capsule to everyone!

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Yes, me too. I also suffered from diabetes until I found out about D-Care capsule.I suffer from high blood pressure (200/230), because of this I often vomit. In addition, I am also overweight - 120 kg even though I am not tall. I also had swelling, shortness of breath, ulcers, and profuse sweating. But, that was then. Now, I'm fine because of D-Care capsule. My weight has decreased, and my blood pressure is no longer rising. All in all, I'm in good shape! I pray the same for



It is good for lowering blood sugar. In just 1 month, my blood sugar dropped from 14 mmol/l to 7.9!



Thank you, I have ordered. A consultant called me, and I asked how many drugs were left. He said there is still a little but more and more people are ordering. Maybe it's because there are many who have already taken advantage of this good opportunity from their friends. So if I were you, buy now because it's almost sold out. so it's about to run out. I've ordered.



Every illness is suffering for some but, business for others. Pharmacies have long shown their true colors - all they need from us is money and our health!



I also had diabetes before but I'm fine now. Now, every year I repeat the course using D-Care capsule to reduce my old condition from recurring. I recommend it to people who have not tried this drug!



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